Non Violent Resistance has been used for many years as a way of taking a non violent stand against aggressive regimes.  Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela both used Non Violent Resistance very successfully to change political situations. The philosophy has been developed for parents to use when faced with anger and aggression from their children.  It can be used by anyone faced with difficult situations, both within a family setting and within work settings. Within a family setting Non Violent Resistance focusses on developing strong relationships between the parent(s) and child.  It does not try to change the child through consequences or rewards, but uses ‘parental presence’ as an alternative.  We use reconciliation gestures to address the child’s unmet needs and use a child focussed approached. Raising parental presence provides the opportunity to change the child’s behaviour, and by doing this, the parent creates a stronger and more positive internal representation of themselves in the child’s mind. Non Violent Resistance can be used by itself, or alongside other therapies.  It takes commitment from the parent(s) and consistent use, but it is very effective.  I can personally attest to its effectiveness. This short video explains how we use Non Violent Resistance within a family setting.