Do you want to support your child with their development and create a strong bond with them?

Do you feel like your child is in control at home, and you don’t know how to change it?

Maybe you feel like your issues aren’t serious enough to ask for help?

Do school transitions or even just day to day life have a huge impact on your child’s anxiety levels?


This conference has been designed with you in mind.

You’ve probably tried everything you can think of to change things at home from shouting to time out to rewards and consequences to anything else and all the advice you’ve been given, but nothing seems to have worked.

Maybe you’ve even started to believe this is how life is going to be for you and your child, and you’d better just get on with it.

Maybe you don’t know where to go to get help or worry that you should be taking up the space as other people need it more than you.


The conference will show you that life can be better and you can help your child – however small the worry may be.  We are going to share simple ideas you can use that will make a difference.

You can leave feelings like: tired, scared, anxious for the future, overwhelmed, stressed, embarrassed, exhausted and ‘I’m a bad parent’ behind.


Let us help you work towards a calmer, happier home, less stress, less exhaustion, an end to feeling like a bad parent and enable you to go out without fear.  It is possible.

Details of all the workshops are at the bottom of the page, along with how to book your tickets.

Saturday, 9th March 2019


Leicester Marriott Hotel, Smith Way, Grove Park, Leicester, LE19 1SW

Registration starts at 9.15 and the day finishes by 4.30.


There is plenty of parking available on site.


Leicester train station is not far away, and easily accessible by taxi.

Early Bird tickets are available until Sunday 10th February at £65.


From Monday 11th February tickets will be £80.

Tickets include refreshments on arrival, and during the morning and afternoon breaks.  A buffet lunch will also be included.

You can buy your ticket at the bottom of the page, after the details of all the workshops.

Here’s some feedback from parents who attended the previous conference.

Excellent day, great to meet other parents and I have loads more tools in my toolkit now, thank you.


Each workshop gave valuable insight which we can immediately implement.


Great day, I took something away from every session.


Conference Workshops


Choose the 4 workshops that will help your family the most.

During the day you will have the opportunity to attend 4 different workshops, from a choice of 12.  All of the workshops are designed to support you on your parenting journey and cover different topics and areas of interest.  Some of the workshops are designed for parents with children of certain ages, others are designed for parents with children of any age.  Details of the workshops and the workshop leaders are below.  When booking your ticket you will also book your preferred workshops, on a first come first served basis.  Most of the workshops are running twice throughout the day to make the programme as flexible as possible.

Workshop 1 – Managing Meltdowns with Sarah Fisher

You’ll learn how to stay calm and cope when your child is having a meltdown.  We will look at ideas and strategies you can use to reduce the length and intensity of meltdowns, whatever their cause and how you can do it, whilst also developing a good connection with your child.

The workshop is suitable for parents with children of any age or need.

Workshop 2 – Name it to tame it! with Tory Barrow

We can all struggle with big feelings and sometimes these feelings can cause our children to behave in very challenging ways.  This workshop will help you understand how your child’s brain works when in survival mode and give you some simple tools to help you and your child survive the explosion!


Workshop 3 – Communication with Karen Sieben

Do you ever have days when talking with your children is so easy and others when you feel like you are both speaking another language?  Find out how to have more days when you both feel connected and listened to.  Whether you are parenting a toddler or a teenager, good communication is the key to building self-esteem as well as mutual respect.

In the workshop, parents will have the opportunity to discover that we create other people by how we listen to them.  A series of exercises will uncover how we listen to others and how we can deepen our listening to enhance connection and avoid misunderstandings.

Workshop 4 – Rapid Transformational Therapy with Esther Seymour-Shaw

An interactive workshop showing you this amazing therapy called Rapid Transformational Therapy, and how you and your children can easily learn to radiate self belief, self confidence and self love.

Workshop 5 – Parenting Teenagers with Karen Sieben

As a parent to a teenager, do you find yourself asking:

What did I do wrong? Is it only me/us?  Why are they so lazy?  Why don’t they listen to me?  Why does everything feel like a battle?  Why are they so rude to me?  Why won’t they talk to me?  How can I help them? 

Is there really a way to ride the rollercoaster of parenting teenagers with more ease and calm?


Come on a journey to explore what is going on for our teenagers and for us and springboard to calmer, more empowered parenting and stronger family relationships.


Workshop 6 – Improving Child Sleep with Lauren Peacock

Little Sleep Stars typically works with children up to the age of 6 years, although methods are suitable for children who may be chronologically older with delayed aspects to development. The workshop will briefly cover the science of sleep but focus on common challenges around bedtime and waking through the night including how to support children who exhibit anxiety-related sleep issues.


Workshop  7 – Managing Stress with Karen Sieben 

The workshop will look at what is stress and where it comes from.  The filing cabinet analogy of brain management. How stress affects our body and emotions. Simple strategies to reduce our stress levels at home and activities to be used with our children (aged 4+) to support emotional intelligence and resilience.  The session will end with a relaxation session.

Workshop 8 – When I struggle to love – understanding blocked care with Tory Barrow

Blocked care is when we reach the end of our natural resources struggle to feel love, affection and joy as we care for our children, we may feel an urge to shut down and be nowhere near our child. This workshop will help you understand why this happens and what we can do about it. – Particularly relevant to alternative cares such as adopters and foster carers, but open to all.


Work 9 – Sensory Integration and Occupational Therapy: What’s it all about? with Elaine Beattie

The workshop is to enhance awareness of sensory processing development and increase awareness and understanding of the links between a child’s sensory system and their function. Enhancing the understanding of external factors and the learning environment on how this affects a child’s sensory system and engagement.

By the end of the workshop the listener will have a better understanding and identify general strategies and advise to assist managing a child’s sensory needs; with an understanding when problem solving may not be enough and a referral to a Specialist Occupational Therapist is advised.

Workshop 10 – Helping your anxious child with Esther Seymour-Shaw

This workshop will look at how you can help your child when they are feeling anxious.  We will look at how anxiety affects the brain and share ideas to help them manage their feelings and express their thoughts, to reduce the anxious feeling.


Workshop 11 – What is trauma and attachment and how can Occupational Therapy support? with Lauren Davitt

The aims of the workshop are to provide the listener with an understanding of children who have experienced a traumatic start to their lives and how this affects their development with the foundation sensory systems (vestibular, proprioception, tactile) which impacts on the child`s physical, social, emotional development and access to play and learning opportunities. Have an understanding of play and how the occupational therapist supports parents to learn how to activate and inhibit the child`s arousal levels in a fun, safe, secure and nurturing way which is appropriate to the child`s sensory attachment needs.

Workshop 12 – Easy Peasy Signing – Your Toddler Toolkit™ with Shelley Ensor

From the ‘terrible twos’ to practising No! the Toddler years are regarded with some trepidation by everyone. Our gorgeous babies have turned into cheeky, sticky, toddlers with attitude – in the blink of an eye! The learning curve of parenting seems to get immeasurably steeper as our little ones quite literally find their feet and assert their independence. Designed for anyone with, or about to have a toddler, Easy Peasy Signing – Your Toddler Toolkit™ explores how using sign language for communication can help toddlers and their grown-ups understand each other.

By the end of our workshop you’ll

* have an understanding of your Toddler’s communication development

* have mastered a basic toolkit of signs to use at home

* know what to expect as you introduce signing to your toddler

* know how signing enhances speech development

Get to the heart of deep, loving connection between you and your terrific, funny, lovely, explorative toddler with this informative, fun and interactive workshop from Little Signers Club.

Biographies for the workshop leaders are available further down the page.

Book your ticket now using the booking form below!


Early Bird Tickets are £65 and available until Sunday 10th February.

Tickets will be £80 from Monday 11th February.

Refreshments throughout the day and a buffet lunch are all included in the ticket price.

When booking your ticket you will be asked to choose the workshops you wish to attend.  Below is a list of which workshops are happening in which sessions.  Please choose one workshop per session.

If you need any help to book your tickets please contact or call 07817 544707

Session 1 Workshops

Helping your anxious child – FULL

When I Struggle to Love

Sensory Integration and Occupational Therapy

Improving Child Sleep

Parenting Teenagers

Session 2 Workshops

Managing Stress

Name it to tame it!

Sensory Integration and Occupational Therapy

Improving Child Sleep

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Session 3 Workshops

Helping your anxious child

Easy Peasy Signing

Sensory Attachment Intervention

Managing Meltdowns – FULL

Communicating with your child

Session 4 Workshops

Managing Stress

Easy Peasy Signing

Sensory Attachment Intervention

Managing Meltdowns

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Interested in who the workshop leaders are?  Here are their biographies.

Sarah Fisher helps transform the lives of families, through her parent coaching work.  She works with parents from all over the UK and internationally who are struggling, often experiencing challenging behaviours, and wanting to create a safe, happier environment at home.

Through the use of Non Violent Resistance (NVR) Sarah supported her son with his own difficulties, after they became an adoptive family and this is now the basis of her approach with parents.  It’s an incredibly effective philosophy that helps all parents, whatever the needs.

Sarah Fisher Coach

Tory Barrow is an adoptive parent, foster carer and therapist. The last 20 years have been spent caring for traumatised and disabled children, supporting and training parents, foster carers and professionals.

Trained in Play Therapy, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Non violent resistance Therapy and Therapeutic Life Story Work Tory works both here in the UK but also for organisations promoting family based care abroad.

Tory Barrow

Karen Sieben has been a primary school teacher for the last 24 years but now works as a life coach.  As part of her work she has supported families with their relationships and teenagers with their self-confidence and friendships. Karen has two teenage girls and has experienced being a single mum for a number of years.  Her style of parenting has changed, especially over the last two years, and she is passionate about helping families develop greater connection, peace and harmony.

Little Sleep Stars is owned by former tired mummy Lauren Peacock. The realisation that children can learn to sleep well without being left to cry was a one that changed life for Lauren and her family and ignited a passion for child sleep, ultimately prompting a career change from lawyer to child sleep consultant. With the most up-to-date, evidence-backed training underpinning her work, Lauren uses only gentle methods to equip parents to teach their little ones to reach their sleep potential in a way that is not an ordeal for either parent or child.

Lauren Davitt is Clinical Practitioner in Paediatric Occupational Therapy for Children’s Therapy Solutions

Lauren is a highly specialised Occupational Therapist experienced within different healthcare and special schools from adolescent forensic mental health, Paediatric physical disabilities, Sensory Integration dysfunction. Lauren has experience working within child and adolescent forensic mental health, paediatrics and acquired brain injury.

She facilitates treatment within clinic and schools to support each child`s development. Her aim is to enable the child to achieve their functional goals whilst also working in collaboration with families / care givers and external providers, enabling the child to achieve their full potential in learning opportunities and daily life.

Elaine Beattie has extensive experience working with nursery staff to promote and enhance the sensory development of pre-school children in key areas of play and learning, through use of workshops and training sessions.  Her aim is to increase understanding of the development of sensory processing skills; increasing the insight into the impact these have on a child’s world; the links between these skills and the development of motor skills, language, social communication and behaviour to support functional performance and the ability to access learning.

She has continued to work, with school staff adopted families and CAMHS to support children of all school ages, to increase knowledge of sensory processing and the impact this has on the child with Sensory processing difficulties, trauma and attachment.  Thus enabling the opportunity to use theory of sensory integration to feedback clinical findings and strategies to promote functional engagement of a child with SPD and facilitating modulation.

Esther Seymour-Shaw is a Rapid Transformational Therapist, working mainly with children, helping them turn their lives around in as little as 1 or 2 sessions.  I work with children on anything from anxiety, lack of self belief, children who are bullied, eating disorders, sleep problems, agoraphobia and dyspraxia, to sports/exam/theatre and educational performance. Sessions are highly successful in pulling out the root cause of issues and changing their beliefs, empowering children to reach their potential with a very quick turnaround.
I love watching children achieve anything they want to achieve, just by changing their outdated beliefs!

Shelley Ensor is the founder of Little Signers Club, an award winning organisation established in 2010, which helps little ones and their grown-ups to communicate effectively before speech by using sign language.

Kindly regarded as an expert in her field, Shelley regularly contributes to Childcare Expo, has been featured on BBC1, in Junior Magazine, Gurgle Magazine and was a contributing author for ToddlerCalm; A Guide to Calmer Toddlers. She has three children of her own and, when she is not sharing her love of baby signing with the world, can be regularly found toasting marshmallows over a campfire.



Is the conference open to anyone?

Yes, it is.  It’s aimed at parents but anyone is welcome to attend.

Will food and drink be provided?

Yes.  Tea, coffee and water will be available through the day.  Snacks will be available on arrival and during the morning and afternoon breaks.  Lunch is also provided.

Will it help my family?

The short answer is yes.  It’s not a magic wand though, you’ll have to take ideas and strategies on board and implement them to start seeing changes.  Obviously every case is different and depending on your situation your family may need further support.

Is it worth the money and time?

All of the workshop leaders are experts in their field, and work with parents all the time.  If you’re open minded, willing to learn and potentially tweak how you’re parenting you’ll definitely learn a huge amount on the day.

Will I have to do anything whilst I’m there like role play?

Not unless you want to!  Some of the speakers may use this as a learning technique but you don’t need to get involved if you don’t want to.

How easy is the hotel to access?

The hotel has parking available on site and is close to the M1.  Leicester City Train Station is also close by and accessible by taxi.

What should I bring with me?

Yourself and a willingness to learn.  A pen and notebook would probably be good as well, other than that you don’t need to bring anything as non-alcoholic refreshments and lunch are included.

Will there be an opportunity to meet other parents?

Yes, during the workshops and in the breaks.  We would encourage you to meet other parents with similar problems, to build your support network.