6th & 7th May 2022

The Connective Parenting Conference



The Workshops

We always have a great selection of workshops for you, all of which will be taught live and you’ll be able to ask questions as well.

Each workshop during The Connective Parenting Conference runs for an hour.  Here’s what we had at The Connective Parenting Conference 2022

I found the conference extremely informative and helpful thank you
Even the workshops that I thought I did not need to attend or did not apply to me like the Speech and language and diet workshop so thank you again brilliant job.


I really enjoyed the conference and found it so helpful. In particular those on nutrition, sleep, siblings and good enough parenting really spoke to me!


The Conference was fantastic. Such a well curated programme, with brilliant speakers. I got something from every session – even the ones I wasn’t planning to listen to!

Thank you so much.


Understanding, communication and connection – making the complexities of neurodivergent parenting simpler

With Shelley Farnham

This workshop gives universal principles for all parents but specifically gives parents of Neurodivergent young people a way to maintain calm and focus in family, to celebrate strengths of ND young person and find ways to support the struggles. We’ll cover:

Additional challenges of being the parent of ND young person;

Additional financial stress, time challenges, mental wellbeing concerns for all family members;

Parents – isolation, overwhelm, judgements from other parents and professionals;

Consider 3 ways to address these challenges – developing understanding, communication and connection with young person and also with self.

The principles we cover can be used to help siblings maintain bond with the neurodivergent young person.

    When we embrace these principles, we can feel empowered in the strong relationship with our young person, secure enough in understanding them and their needs that we can advocate confidently on their behalf to begin with and then, because they are secure in understanding themselves and have that secure connection with us, they can confidently advocate for themselves – so vital for neurodivergent young people.



    Shelley has worked as SEN support in a primary school and has a son who is ADHD and Autistic. She, herself, is also neurodivergent.

    Shelley supports parents and young people in neurodivergent families around understanding, communication and connection as a way to simplify the challenges and empower all with confidence; to celebrate the strengths and work out ways to support the struggles. 

     She firmly believes that in a community, these parents can find the support to put the connection with their young person ahead of the expectations and judgements of the neurotypical structure of society and work out what works best for them and their family.

     School & College Support: What To Expect

    With Shelley Mason

    This workshop helps to:

    Recognise what defines a Special Educational Need.

    Gain an insight into what education should provide prior to an EHC, NA or EHCP.

    Support the building of relationships with school or college.

    NVR Practitioner and Specialist Education Advisor & Trainer in SEND and Developmental Trauma.

    I have worked in special needs education for over 23 years and trained staff in schools and colleges in developmental trauma and attachment needs in the last 5 years. My focus on complex needs with a therapeutic view to support and learning in education has allowed me to coach and mentor many staff along the way.

    My NVR focus allows me to bring all my personal and work experiences together to coach others on their journey. NVR has provided me with such understanding into how I parent, particularly to cope with the special educational needs of my adopted children.

    I now look to bring the understanding of NVR across children’s lives to enable them to hold feelings of safety that will allow them to learn.  

    The Impact of Trauma through Child Development and Attachment

    With Sandra Summers

    This workshop will help you explore your own understanding of how your child’s early life experiences impact on their ability to develop the skills and capabilities to manage emotions, relationships and process information.

    We will explore how we can help ‘fill the gaps’ as parents and consider how our approach along with tools and techniques can support our connections.  

    Sandra Summers is a qualified Social Worker, hailing from the small island of Shetland.

    She spent 15 years working in Children’s Services with Kinship, Fostering and Adoptive Families.  During this time she specialised in Attachment and Child Development.

    Her passion is post placement support, enhancing family experiences and knowledge to have a calmer family home.  She recently qualified as an NVR Practitioner and works directly with families and other professionals to deliver training and direct NVR coaching.  Sandra enjoys supporting parents to look beyond the behaviours, whilst considering the impact of early life experiences and explore how to approach things differently.

    Sandra has 2 primary aged children who keep her busy and when the Shetland weather allows she likes to get out for walks with her dog.

    Understand To Resolve Unhealthy Dynamics In Your Family

    With Samantha Bowley

    In this workshop, we will explore how our own patterns and unresolved trauma (often from our own childhoods) can be triggered as parents/carers and how this can impact on our relationships with our child/ren and partner.

    We will look at understanding the Drama Triangle, the importance of boundaries (with ourselves and others) and healthy communication.

    We’ll also be talking about how change starts with us, and letting go, to become a more relaxed parenting/carer.

    Samantha is a Hypnotherapist, EFT & Matrix Practitioner helping people from children to adults to overcome past trauma and present difficulties.   

    Guiding transformation of old patterns into new behaviours and ways of thinking so that clients may move forward equipped with the skills and understanding acquired to use in all aspects of their lives.   Samantha has a special interest in fertility issues and childhood trauma which, when unresolved, can still have an impact in adult lives. 

    Emotional Based School Refusal

    With Nicola Edwards

    In this workshop we look at what contributes to children refusing to go to school, and the role of the emotions and anxiety cycle in perpetuating the cycle. 

    We will explore the early warning signs and trigger points to be aware of, as well as boundaries and support parents and carers can put in place with schools to support children to take steps to return to school. 

    Nicola is a children and adolescent therapist, and works with her therapy dog, Brian.

    Together, they write the therapeutic book collection, The Adventures of Brian, supporting children to resolve their thoughts, worries and fears. Nicola also runs Dandelion Training and Development, providing online mental health training for parents and professionals on a wide range of mental health issues.

    She was previously an early years’ professional and teacher, having committed over 20 years of her career to working with children and young people.

    Nicola is  currently studying for a Masters in Neuroscience and Psychology of Mental Health.

    Parenting with DDP-based Principles In Mind

    With Sarah Cross

    This workshop will consider the impact of early life experiences on a young person’s attachment system and helps to explore what a DDP-based therapeutic parenting intervention looks like.

    There will be a strong emphasis on PACE (playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy) with an exploration of when and how to embrace this way of being. Other areas also explored are the intersubjective experience, rupture-repair, connection before correction, the importance of co-regulation, and parenting in the moment (the importance of being PACE-ful with yourself!)

    Since qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist, Sarah has specialised in working with complex trauma and attachment.

    Sarah has a passion for coming alongside parents, professionals, and systems to see how we can all work together to enable a child to build resilience.

    Sarah enjoys helping all to understand that behaviour which we might find challenging reflects a child’s unmet needs and the importance of a healthy connection to heal. The relationship is the key to unlocking a young person’s potential.

    Sensory Processing and Simple Movement Breaks You Can Do at Home or School

    With Ali Neal

    Many people think sensory is all about bubble tubes and lights. In this workshop we will explore the importance of your movement senses, and give you simple ideas that you can carry out at home or at school.

    This workshop is aimed at children but the same principles can be applied to adults too.

    Alison is the founder of Midlands Occupational Therapy and provides specialist occupational therapy services for children and young adults with a range of difficulties.

    Alison is an advanced practitioner in sensory integration therapy; she has several years’ experience of lecturing and mentoring other therapists and has had a book published on sensory movement breaks.

    Alison works with families and children at home and in a variety of special schools to find solutions to everyday problems that actually work and can be implemented at home or school.

    She can also offer assessments for EHC plans and tribunals where necessary.

    Picky Eating

    With Karen Newby

    In this workshop we’ll be thinking all about picky eating and how we might be able to support our children (or ourselves!) into eating a broad range of foods.

    Karen Newby is an experienced nutritionist with over 10 years clinical experience.

    She holds a BSc in Nutritional Medicine and is a registered nutritionist with BANT and CNHC. Her particular interest areas are women’s and children’s health in her one to one clinic. She’s very much a realist so all her recommendations are easy to incorporate into your day – she is a big believer that small change can make big differences.  


    With Sarah Fisher

    In this workshop we’ll be looking at anger, what it is, where it can come from and how we can help our children when it appears.

    We’ll also be looking at how we can manage our own feelings of anger to help us stay as regulated as possible.

    An Overview of Trauma

    With Sarah Fisher

    In this workshop we’ll be thinking about what trauma is, the impact it can have on child development, how it can show in behaviour and how we can support our children in recovery working alongside specialists.

    Many children can experience trauma in different ways and as adults we can also be impacted by our child’s trauma which we will also look at.

    Sarah is the founder of Sarah Fisher Coaching and is an accredited NVR UK Practitioner and Educator. 

    Sarah works closely with parents, carers and professionals all over the world to provide accredited training in the NVR approach and has published two books on the subject, as well as running support hubs for both parents and professionals.

    Sarah is a single adoptive mum, passionate about helping other families experiencing difficulties.

    You can view Sarah’s website and follow her on social media below.

    Helping parents build connected relationships with their children.

    If you’re struggling to manage your child’s behaviour then you’re in the right place.

    I’m here to help you create a more connected relationship with your child.  You’ll find information about online courses below.

    For further information about this approach, the courses I run and other information please hit the button below.ww.sarahpfisher.com