Friday 7th and Saturday 8th May 2021

The Connective Parenting Conference

After the roaring success of our first virtual Connective Parenting Conference back in November 2020, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be going online again in  May 2021 to run another wonderful 2 day virtual Conference! 


Calling all parents and carers.

We are so excited to be able to tell you that The Connective Parenting Conference is back!

The 2020 conference was a roaring success and delegates gave us the most amazing feedback, so we are delighted to be able to announce the next virtual conference will be on the Friday 7th and Saturday 8th May 2021.

Let’s be honest, parenting can feel like hard work!

What if you could learn from leading experts to help you manage your child’s behaviour and create a more connected relationship with them? This 2 day online conference will help you do that.

Giving you access to 10 workshops, entry to a Facebook group where you can re-watch all the recordings for 30 days after the event and the chance to have your questions answered. All for just £49.

You can access The Connective Parenting Conference from anywhere in the world and you can even attend in your PJs! All you need is an internet connection to join us.

The Workshops

We have a great selection of workshops for you, all of which will be taught live and you’ll be able to ask questions as well. 

Each workshop will run for an hour.  If you miss the start it’s fine to join in later, or watch the whole thing on replay later on at a time that suits you.  No need to miss out!


The Connective Parenting Conference Starts In...








How Will It Work?

The workshops will be spread out over the 2 days.

On Friday 7th May we’ll be starting at 9.30 and running through the school day. Then have a couple of workshops in the evening.

On Saturday 8th May we’ll start again at 9.30 and finish early afternoon.

How do I access the workshops?

All the workshops will be running on Zoom. 

It’s easy to use and you won’t be on screen so if you want to join us in your pj’s you can! 

The workshops will also be streamed live into the conference Facebook group, so if you prefer you can watch them in there.

Whichever way you choose to watch them you’ll be able to ask the workshop leader questions.

For just £49 you get…

Access to as many of the ten workshops as you wish!

Access to a supporting and closed Facebook Group where you can catch any workshops you might have missed live for 30 days after the end of the conference.

Attend from anywhere in the world –  location need no longer be an obstacle! All you need is a device and an internet connection (and a Facebook Account if you wish to access the replays!).

Opportunities to have your questions answered.

Sarah P Fisher Coaching Parents & Carers

Find out More About The Workshops & Meet The Leaders

More Workshops & Timetable being announced soon!

How to Help Feed Happy and Healthy Children

With Karen Newby


In this workshop, Karen will share some of her tricks to up children’s satiety levels (and ours too!) and how to deal with a fussy eater.

She’ll also cover how food can help to minimise emotional ups and downs (especially for those of us with teenagers or toddlers!), and to help with sleep problems or anxiety and she’ll share some of her favourite meal time solutions too.

Karen Newby is an experienced nutritionist with over 10 years clinical experience.

She holds a BSc in Nutritional Medicine and is a registered nutritionist with BANT and CNHC. Her particular interest areas are women’s and children’s health in her one to one clinic. She’s very much a realist so all her recommendations are easy to incorporate into your day – she is a big believer that small change can make big differences.  

Visit Karen’s website below and find follow her on social media

Burnout Buster – A Wellbeing Boost

with Pam Burrows


This one’s for the grown-up. The frazzled, fed-up but still fighting family focused folks who’ve been giving their all and need to put something back in their own tanks.

How do you carry on when you’re exhausted or at the end of your tether? With some quick, easy, yet powerful techniques for stress reduction, Pam Burrows People Booster is going to add some considerable tools to your wellbeing toolkit.

Ready for the next challenge? You sure will be!

Pam Burrows is a powerhouse of strategies particularly well-received by staff working hard in social care and childcare.

She supports organisations to embed wellbeing behaviours and reduce stress and burnout. EU-OSHO awarded Pam a European Health and Safety award for reducing stress in the workplace. She is a qualified Nursery Nurse, Social Worker and a Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). Her sessions, whether in person or online, are interactive, energising and inspire behaviour change. She is the author of the book ‘Burnout Buster’ which helps people spot and deal with the red warning flags of burnout and is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA).

Visit Jaclyn’s website and Facebook page below to connect and follow:

How to Ensure a Consistent Approach Between Home & School

with Simon Richter


This workshop will discuss the importance of a consistent message between home and school and advise how this can be achieved.

We will look into reward systems and sanctions, clear and open communication strategies and the importance of the team around the child.

Simon Richter has worked as a teacher in a range of schools for the last 15 years. 

 Starting as a languages teacher Simon qualified as a SENCO in 2015, before going on to complete a Masters in Education in 2019. Simon specialised in SEND for his MA and specifically focused on working with young people with SEMH needs and the processes around transition throughout the education system.

Simon’s other area of research interest is around working memory and supporting teachers and parents/carers to work successfully with young people who struggle with this area. Simon has built strong working relationships with Local Authorities and has successfully applied for EHCPs over a number of years, including successful appeal challenges against Local Authority decisions.

‘Good Enough Parenting’ through a Therapeutic lens.

with Emma Connor


During this workshop we will be thinking about what “Good Enough Parenting” is from a child psychotherapy perspective, and how we can integrate these principals into relationships with our children.

As well as exploring practical and creative therapeutic parenting interventions, we will think about expectations of ourselves; re-defining the notion of perfect parenting and work on creating space, time and forgiveness of ourselves as ever-learning parents.  

Emma Connor, MA, UKCP is a Director, Child Psychotherapist, Consultant and Trainer for Your Space Therapies.

Your Space Therapies is a national award-winning Social Enterprise, passionate about delivering counselling and psychotherapy to children, young people and families as well as working holistically with the team around the child to grow therapeutic school communities.

Emma is a senior lecturer for the Institute for Arts and Therapy in Education and has worked in educational settings for sixteen years. Emma currently practices Child Psychotherapy in primary schools in West Sussex as well as writing and delivering, nationwide and online, bestselling training for parents, carers and professionals working with children.

Understanding and Supporting Family Mental Health

With Nicola Edwards


In this workshop, we will explore the concepts of mental health and the different factors that can affect both parents and children, as well as the signs and symptoms that indicate that mental health may be in need of support, before looking at strategies and techniques that can be used within the home to support the family to work towards mental well-being.

Nicky is a children and adolescent therapist, who works with her therapy dog Brian.

 They write the therapeutic book collection, The Adventures of Brian, supporting children to resolve their thoughts, worries and fears. She also runs Dandelion Training and Development, providing online mental health training for parents and professionals on a wide range of mental health issues. She was previously an early years’ professional and teacher, having committed over 20 years of her career to working with children and young people. She is currently studying for a Masters in Neuroscience and Psychology of Mental Health

“What’s happening inside me” – Interoception and its role in self-regulation.

With Alison Neal

This workshop will explain interoception – our awareness of our internal organs and our physical and emotional state, like hunger, needing the toilet, or feelings of anxiety or excitement. 

It will explain how only by understanding how we feel inside can we take the right steps to regulate ourselves and meet our physical of emotional needs. Some practical tips to use at home or school will be given.

This workshop is focused on children but learning can easily be applied to adults.


Alison is the founder of Midlands Occupational Therapy and provides specialist occupational therapy services for children and young adults with a range of difficulties.

Alison is an advanced practitioner in sensory integration therapy; she has several years experience of lecturing and mentoring other therapists and has had a book published on sensory movement breaks.

Alison works with families and children at home and in a variety of special schools to find solutions to everyday problems that actually work and can be implemented at home or school.

She can also offer assessments for EHC plans and tribunals where necessary.

You can view Alison’s website and follow her on social media below.

Managing Sleep Anxiety

With Lauren Peacock

Sleep challenges are often one of the most apparent manifestations of anxiety in children. Yet, given the bidirectional relationship between poor sleep and mental health, it is anxious children who have the most to gain from settled and solid sleep.

This workshop will address the challenges of sleep for children who may be struggling due to anxiety and dysregulation, providing practical tips for improving sleep, without tears or training. Suitable for children aged 10 and under.


Lauren Peacock is a child sleep specialist and mother-of-one who helps families around their world find their way back to sleep using gentle and holistic approaches which support a secure parent/child attachment.

In her spare time, she can usually be found corralling her dogs around the muddy fields of Yorkshire.

How to help your child with language and communication, any age, any condition or diagnosis

With Beth Morrant

This workshop will take you through a selection of strategies and activities you can use to support your child’s communication skills, including supporting memory, developing talking further, identifying emotions, boosting higher-level language skills and learning vocabulary.


Beth is a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist with extensive experience working with children and young adults in a range of settings including primary and secondary schools, preschools, clinics and pupil referral units.

Alongside Beth’s independent clinical practise, she provide online CPD training and resources to schools and education settings to support children with a range of speech, language and communication needs. As a result of Beth’s training courses, many Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Preschool Practitioners and other education professionals have felt empowered to help their students with their speech, language and communication needs with fun and effective strategies and interventions.

Beth is also a practise educator for Student  SALTs and enjoy supporting and nurturing the next generation of clinicians. 

Beth is a mum of 2 primary school aged children, one with special needs, and when she is not being a Speech Therapist, she enjoys playing card games and eating biscuits with her kids (even if she hardly ever wins!)


With Sarah Fisher

Having siblings can be amazing. They can play together, have fun and be there for each other.

It can also be very difficult. Sibling rivalry is normal but sometimes it’s more than that and can be difficult to manage. We’ll be looking at practical ways to manage those challenges and bring more peace to your home.

Lying & Stealing

With Sarah Fisher

Some behaviours can feel hard to manage and understand. Lying and Stealing are some of those, and I know that many parents find them hard.

We’ll be looking at we’re those behaviours come from and how we can start reducing them.

Sarah is the founder of Sarah Fisher Coaching and is an accredited NVR UK Practitioner and Educator. 

Sarah works closely with parents, carers and professionals all over the world to provide accredited training in the NVR approach and has published two books on the subject, as well as running support hubs for both parents and professionals.

Sarah is a single adoptive mum, passionate about helping other families experiencing difficulties.

You can view Sarah’s website and follow her on social media below.

Stay tuned for more workshops being announced soon!

The Connective Parenting Conference Starts In...








Your Questions Answered…

Do I have to be on Facebook to be able to watch the workshops?

No.  You’ll be able to join the workshops directly, via the webinar link which you will receive after booking.

Is it suitable for all parents and carers?

Yes.  There are a selection of workshops so you can choose the ones that suit you the best.  Some are age or need specific, other more general.  However you became a parent, the day will help you.

Can grandparents or others who look after children come?

Yes, absolutely!  Anyone is welcome who is interested in the workshops available.

Can we pay for tickets via invoice?

Yes, please email for details.

Are tickets refundable?

No, but if we have a waiting list we will offer your ticket to those on the list.

Don’t Forget To Grab Your Ticket!

For just £49 you get…

Access to as many of the ten workshops as you wish!

Access to a supporting and closed Facebook Group where you can catch any workshops you might have missed live for up to one month after the end of the conference.

Attend from anywhere in the world –  location need no longer be an obstacle! All you need is a device and an internet connection (and a Facebook Account if you wish to access the replays!).

Opportunities to have your questions answered.

Helping parents build connected relationships with their children.

If you’re struggling to manage your child’s behaviour then you’re in the right place.

I’m here to help you create a more connected relationship with your child.  You’ll find information about online courses below.

For further information about this approach, the courses I run and other information please hit the button