Are you looking for support on your parenting journey?


As a parent I understand how hard it can be.  It can feel isolating if you’re struggling, and hard to ask for help.  I’ve been in your shoes.  I understand how hard it can be.  You may think your worries are not ‘bad enough’ to need help, yet they are worrying you.  Or you may feel like they are so bad it’s hard to talk about.

I’m here to help you, support you  and cheer you on, without judging or criticising.

I offer support in different ways as I understand we are all different, so hopefully you can find a package that works for you.  If not, contact me and we can put something together especially for you.

I’m very excited about the next Connective Parenting Conference that is taking place on Saturday 9th March in Leicester.  It will be an amazing day, where you’ll get to meet other parents and hear from a range of different professionals.  And the best bit?  You get to choose which of the workshops you want to attend.  There’s 12 to choose from, allowing you to design a day that will help you the most.  For more details click here.

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