My Book - 'Connective Parenting, a guide to connecting with your child using the NVR approach' is available on Amazon. It's an easy to use guide for parents that takes you through each aspect of NVR.  It's had 5* reviews on Amazon and positive feedback from parents.  You can buy it on Amazon either paperback or Kindle here.


On this page there are downloadable resources and videos.  They are designed to explain the different pillars of NVR, provide resources for you to share with supporters, and other useful things. 


This video explains the pillars of NVR and how they work together.

This video explains Reconciliation Gestures - what they are and how to use them.

The importance of self care in NVR


In this video I talk about de-escalation.


This video discusses how to prioritise behaviours using the 'basket' technique

Myths or Facts

NVR Fact or Myth

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Where to start with NVR

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