Professionals 1 Day Overview

Providing an overview of Connective Parenting NVR for Professionals

This 1 Day workshop shares the ethos, principles and approach of Connective Parenting NVR for those working with families.


We look at all of the aspects of the approach so attendees leave with an overview of how they help families.  

The approach is beneficial for all families, not just those experiencing violence and helps parents see how their own behaviours impact family life.

Connective Parenting uses the Non-Violent Resistance approach, which rebuilds the parent-child relationship through de-escalation, acceptance and reconciliation to allow the child’s needs to be met through the love and care of the parent or carer.  The approach can be used by any parent or carer, irrespective of the child’s needs.  It can work alongside any therapy the child may be having. 

The course is CPD accredited.


creating connection

The day looks at this child-focused approach to parenting children who are anxious and may present an angry and aggressive response to those who care for them. Children can have unmet needs which they often cannot express, and this approach looks at meeting those needs whilst also supporting the parents.

We cover all the aspects of the approach so you have an understanding of it all.  This is different to the workshop we run for parents and carers, that focuses on the relational aspects and does not include the announcement and sit in.  This is because from experience many parents only need to use the relational aspects to see significant change within the family.  It is important though that as professionals you are aware of the whole approach.

By the end of the day you will have:

  • An understanding of Connective Parenting NVR and how it can help families
  • The relational basis of the approach
  • The types of families it can help

The day is designed for professionals who want an introduction to Connective Parenting NVR approach.  It is not detailed enough to enable you to teach it to parents.  Our Level 1 or 3 courses provide that level of training.    

To book this training day for your team please email or call 07817 544707.

‘the course was very interesting.  I can see how it will really help parents that I support.’

Social Worker

‘It was good to get an overview of the approach so I can talk to carers about it.’

Social Worker