Professionals Level 1 Connective Parenting NVR Course

This course offers those working with families the opportunity to discover the NVR approach.

Over the 3 days, we look at the principles of NVR and how and why they work.

The Connective Parenting NVR approach is different to ‘traditional’ parenting and is increasingly popular.

It helps empower parents to resist and reduce challenging behaviours.

It is however, not just for ‘challenging’ teenagers, and provides a positive, connective way of parenting for all parents irrespective of the age of the child.

During the course we look at how parents can:

Raise their presence and increase their connection with their child.
Create a strong support network around their family.
Resist challenging behaviours.
De-escalate escalating situations.

I would just like to say thank you and I found it really useful and interesting and I know my team members did also.

A variety of teaching methods are used during the course to aid learning and adaptations can be made to meet the needs of the group.

You’ll Learn:

Tried and tested ways of sharing the approach with families, including how they can embed it to bring around change.

This course is suitable for all those who work with families

Including education staff and the approach can be adapted to work within a school environment.

Next dates:

9th, 10th & 16th November 2022 limited spaces available

The course is currently being run online.

The cost for the 3-day course plus ongoing support is £450 + VAT


The course is CPD accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

We recommend ongoing supervision after you’ve completed the course, and that’s provided through the Professionals’ NVR Hub.

Annual membership of the Professionals’ NVR Hub is included for 1 year after you’ve completed the course.

Membership gives ongoing support with 2 group sessions a month plus other training and support resources.

After the first year, annual membership of the Hub is £15 a month.

Numbers on our training courses are kept small to ensure everyone receives individual support.

For further details please contact Sarah Fisher on 07817 544707 or drop me a line on the form below:


14 + 8 =

I delivered the first training (face to face) and although it was a new course to us all, I felt confident because Sarah had instilled in us that it’s not prescriptive and that it’s ok to deviate and work it to fit the parents as long of the contents of the course was covered in the 8 weeks. I think the flexibility makes a big difference. I also feel Sarah’s delivery of the course was relatable to the families we have and if we questioned anything, Sarah was able to find a solution to fit around some of the families we have.


It was a great course and I look forward to supporting Carers in using this approach.

Just wanted to say thank you, the course was great, really thought provoking, challenging at times in a good way, feels like I have a much better understanding of the NVR framework as a result, so very much appreciated.

I feel quite confident in what I have learned and feel that I could talk to others through the process. With the exception of the announcement and the sit-in, the rest of it is how I’ve been naturally parenting and assisting others, but it’s always great to get a reminder and make new opportunities to connect.

The training for NVR from Sarah was so interesting – Normally a few days sat in training can be quite tedious but Sarah kept it interesting in the activities and content. It was especially helpful to be able to catch up with Sarah in the follow up sessions to talk through what is working well/where we may be struggling, particularly as we have had to deliver virtually which is new to us! Thank you Sarah!


Thank you so much for the training, I very much enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to working with parents using it.

Thank you Sarah. I really enjoyed the course and found it very informative and thought provoking.

Thank you very much, the training was really useful and great to have in mind as an adoptive parent, foster carer and when helping families who require peer support.

I felt the timings and discussions were helpful and overall I’d rate the course as a 10.

This three day programme also acts as Module 1 in my Level 3 Award in Connective Parenting NVR. To find out more about this qualification and take your knowledge further, click the button below!