Manage your Stress!


Manage your Stress and Reconnect with your Children



Do you feel tired, exhausted and stressed all the time? 

Are the smallest things sending you into a rage?

Are you struggling to manage your child’s behaviour and feel like nothing is working?

If you answered yes to some, or all, or those questions then this day is for you.

You’ll learn some fantastic techniques to help you manage and reduce your own levels of stress, and your child’s all whilst reconnecting with your children and building a relationship full of fun, love and laughter.

All of the techniques you’ll learn work with your child’s natural brain development, and support them in understanding and managing their own emotions.


The morning will be led by Nicky Edwards and will focus on your own stress and triggers.  You’ll work through exercises to relieve the triggers and leave with ideas and exercises you can use at home.  Nicky will also show you techniques you can use with your children to help through difficult times.

The afternoon will be led by Sarah Fisher and focus on your relationship with your child and how to build a loving relationship with them.

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The day will be led by Sarah Fisher and Nicky Edwards who are both experienced in working with parents and supporting them through difficult times.

Sarah Fisher is a Parent Coach and NVR Practitioner and leads events across the country, helping parents to reconnect with their child in a positive way.  She is the author of Connective Parenting—a guide to     connecting with your child using the NVR approach.    Sarah is a adoptive parent and uses all the strategies she teaches in her own parenting.


Nicky Edwards has over 12 years of experience of working with children and young people through care, education and the NHS my work with 0-19 year olds has been central to my career.  She focuses on using techniques and approaches which allow children and young people to resolve their issues and worries quickly, effectively and safely whilst enjoying the experience to teach them new tools and change their emotional responses.