Level 3 Award in Connective Parenting NVR

Are you looking for an NVR course that provides more than pure NVR and offers you a qualification?

This 9 month ‘Level 3 Award in Connective Parenting NVR’ does exactly that.
Based on the principles of NVR, Connective Parenting draws on other aspects of child development with the intention of supporting parents in the most holistic way possible.

We don’t focus on short term ‘quick fixes’ but longer-term solutions that empower parents and help bring around long term change.

Next Intake Starts November 2022

Participant Feedback

“I feel so privileged to be on the level 3 training, already I have learnt so much. I have completed my level 1 training in NVR but didn’t feel I had the confidence in myself or the model. Sarah’s teaching of NVR has given me the confidence and faith in the model, I sit very comfortably with how she teaches it. I have learnt it’s all about connection and trying to help parents understand their own and their child’s emotions and triggers in order to be able to respond differently to them. Sarah speaks wonderfully and thoughtfully about her lived experience and I love to hear all the examples she gives, as well as the group. Through group discussions I have learnt so much which I feel already has had a positive impact on my practice. The 2 day trauma and attachment training was really informative and set at the right level, again it gave me confidence in my knowledge but I also learnt new theory and ways of sharing information about attachment with parents, which I feel can be a very sensitive subject. I’m really looking forward to the future training days and watching everyone’s presentations.

I feel we have bonded as a group, which I was not sure we would with being on line, as there are options to chat on the Hub page when there are not formal teaching days but also we are put into different groups and given time to share our experiences and views.”

Emma, December 21

What Does The Course Cover?

Module 1

All About NVR.

You’ll learn about the approach, the theory behind it and the how to share it with parents and carers. This is our popular Foundation training course for professionals.

Duration: 3 Days

Module 2

Trauma & Attachment

We’ll talk about the different types of trauma, including developmental trauma and how it can impact parents and carers as well. On day 2 we look at attachment styles and how they can impact on behaviours and relationships.

Duration: 2 Days

Module 3

Connective Parenting

We look at working with schools and thinking about the NVR approach, how sensory development delays can impact on emotional development and thinking about how we can support children’s mental health.

Duration: 3 Days

Module 4

Sharing Your Learning

This is the final 2 days and you’ll be sharing your learning from the course, in the form of a presentation

Duration: 2 Days

The course is for those who work with families in a professional capacity, be that in social work, through education, or another way.

There are no pre-requisites to attending the course.

In all there are 10 days of training with further work required between sessions. A total of 120 hours of learning is required, with approximately 70 of those outside of the training days at times  that suit you.

If you are currently working with families, you will be able to use your sessions with them (assuming appropriate to do so and permission is granted) as part of the required assessments.

You’ll receive notes for each module of the course and a copy of the book Connective Parenting by Sarah Fisher

November 2022 intake module dates:

Module 1: 9th, 10th & 16th November 2022

Module 2: 31st January & 1st February 2023

Module 3: 18th, 19th & 25th April 2023

Module 4: 5th & 6th July 2023

Participant Feedback

This course has been a very valuable addition to my learning and my practice. As an NVR coach, working one-to-one with parents and with groups, I am constantly presented with a an extraordinary number of different challenges that parents face with their children whether these are as a result of past trauma, complex attachments or from Neurodiversity, or indeed all three combined. I believe that in order to provide the best possible outcomes for parents, a detailed understanding of these complex needs is essential. This course provides a thorough training and as a result I feel more confident and competent in my ability to help my parents and carers. We had excellent trainers who were friendly and delivered the material at the right level for us all to understand and allowed a generous amount of time for all the questions, debates and practice. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning and would recommend to any practitioner who is looking to deepen their knowledge.

Jenny Wilkinson, NVR Parenting

Why This Course?

The course includes our popular foundation (level 1) training and includes level 2 practice as well.

Not only that, we are looking at other aspects of child development and so you can include that within the approach and offer families a broader support.

Connective Parenting NVR empowers parents and helps create independency potentially reducing the need for support over the longer term.

The course is led by specialists in their field bringing a unique combination of both lived and professional experience

Sarah P Fisher Coaching Parents & Carers

Course Requirements

The course is a Level 3 Award unrecognised qualification accredited by NCFE. In order to complete the course and receive the unregulated qualification you will need to:

  • Attend the training sessions
  • Present a presentation on your learning from the course
  • Provide a written reflective log, which you complete over the year;
  • Provide 2 anonymised case studies showing how you have implemented what you have learned with the families you are working with.

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ttWhen and Where?

The course is being offered online, via zoom and the sessions will run from 9.30am – 3.30pm

Module 1: 9th, 10th & 16th November 2022

Module 2: 31st January & 1st February 2023

Module 3: 18th, 19th & 25th April 2023

Module 4:  5th & 6th July 2023


What’s the cost?

The course costs £1950+VAT

For members of the Professionals NVR Hub the cost is discounted to £1560 +VAT.  You must be a member of the hub for the length of the course.

The cost includes all the training days, registration with the NCFE, your certificate on passing the course, access to our online learning zone for course participants and on completion you can proudly share that you are ‘Connective Parenting NVR Trained’ 

Our qualification has been developed to meet the specific needs of our learners and has been accredited by NCFE demonstrating the quality and rigor. The qualification has been accredited as a Customised Qualification and we have benchmarked the qualification’s learning outcomes and assessment criteria at Level 3 (using the framework’s level descriptors) to allow you to demonstrate the difficulty and depth of study.

On completion of the Customised Qualification, learners will receive a certificate of achievement. The certificate is evidence of the knowledge and skills gained by completing the qualification.

This qualification has been accredited by NCFE under the Customised Qualification and the certificate of achievement will be issued directly by NCFE.

Ongoing Support

As an organisation we believe strongly in ongoing CPD and building a community of like minded professionals. We therefore encourage those who have completed the course to join the Professionals NVR Hub which provides a peer support network, ongoing CPD opportunities.

Members who have completed our training and are members of the Professionals NVR Hub are able to use the designation ‘Connective Parenting NVR Certified’.
There is also the possibility of becoming an associate of Sarah Fisher Coaching.

Find out more about the Professionals NVR Hub HERE


If you have any questions about the course, please contact us at training@sarahpfisher.com and we’ll be happy to answer them.