Introduction to NVR Course

Are you struggling with your child’s behaviour?

Are you looking for a way to parent that works with your child’s brain development and creates a happier, calmer home?

This group course provides an introduction to NVR and is perfect for parents looking for a course they can do from the comfort of their own home.

It is perfect for you if:

You’ve tried everything and still feel helpless as a parent and don’t know what to do next

You feel like your child is in control of your family

Your child’s anger and aggression is really worrying you

You want to create a happy family home

You want to build a strong relationship with your child

Each week during the course we will look at different ways in which you can re-build your relationship with your child and how you can have a more harmonious home.  At the end of each group session you will have ideas that you can take away and try out straight away, so that you can start to make positive changes to your family life.

How will the course work?

This is a 4 week online course.  Each week there will be a 1 1/4 hour group video chat, with email support available between sessions.  This means that you can join the call from anywhere, you just need to be able to access the internet.  Each week you will be sent the link for the call and the workbook for that week. There will be a limited number of parents on the call so that each person gets the opportunity to have personalised support.

What are the benefits of joining the course?

  • Peer support from other parents in similar situations during course discussions
  • Active participation during the course, in which you can test different ideas as the course progresses
  • Individual support, as necessary, from the course leader via email during the course
  • The opportunity to get support as you re-build your family

‘I think having it spread in bite sized pieces across several weeks is a clever idea, allowing much more to be absorbed and tested. It offered time for reflection and permitted participants to discuss results.’  L.G.


‘Reassurance that I am not alone and that there is hope. All the ideas from Sarah and the other participants (were extremely helpful).’ S.M.


The content was spot on for us and we could start using it straight away. Sympathetically delivered from an understanding of the real issues we encounter in our families.’ S.W.

What areas will we look at?

De-escalation – how to behave when your child is angry and having a meltdown

Parental Presence – building your ‘presence’ with your child, so that they see you in a positive way and that you are always in their mind

Refuse to Give in – knowing where you draw the line and also which battles to pick

Support – getting support and help from family and friends

Reconciliation Gestures – showing your child you love them even in those moments when you might not feel that way



Book your place:


The course costs £95 per family for parents paying directly.

For local authorities or other organisations the price is £115 per family, paid via invoice.

Don’t forget to use your discount code if you’re a member of the Connective Parenting Hub.

For more information about the Hub click HERE. 

Wednesday 16th January 2019 at 9:30am. Click HERE to book this course.


Thursday 25th April 2019 at 8:15pm. Click HERE to book this course.


Will the course solve all of my problems with my children?  

There is no guarantee of results with this course.  However evidence shows that where parents use the strategies consistently improvements in their relationships with their children occur.

What if I miss a call?

You will have the workbook for that session and depending on the circumstances it is usually possible to arrange a short private session to catch up.  This is not guaranteed though.

Are the discussions confidential?

All participants are asked to agree to confidentiality and not to discuss anything that is shared during the calls outside of the group.  As the facilitator I do not disclose information to anyone, except where there is a concern about child safety.

How does the technology work?

You need access to the internet and a laptop or smartphone.  It’s also best if you can be somewhere you won’t be interrupted.  Each week you just need to click on the link you are sent to join the call.

I’ve never done something like this, I’m a bit nervous.  

It’s understandable to be worried, you probably won’t be the only one.  Remember this course is designed to help you move forward and create the family life you want.