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Welcome the home page for Parents & Carers!

This page is full of all the support that is available for parents and carers from Sarah Fisher Coaching.  If you’re a professional looking for help for a parent, you’re in the right place.  If you’re looking for resources and support as a professional you’ll want to be here.

It’s pretty relentless this parenting lark, isn’t it?

If you are struggling with parenting, you may feel as you are out of options.

Nothing you try improves your child’s behaviour. 

You question your decisions and struggle to stay consistent.

I’ve been where you are (still am, some days!) so I want you to know that I hear you, and I understand the feelings that have brought you here. 

I know that you are overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted, and unless you are relying on an awesome support network, I understand how isolated you feel. Other parents have it so easy, right?

Sarah P Fisher Coaching Parents & Carers
Sarah P Fisher Coaching Parents & Carers

Your son or daughter could be one or all of the following:

  • Defiant, refusing to comply with even the simplest request.
  • Anxious, worried, upset about being with new people, attending school, experiencing new things, or trying unfamiliar foods.
  • A terrible sleeper.
  • Fractious and over-emotional, prone to meltdowns.
  • Struggling to deal with the experience of a trauma.

Struggle no more. I’m here to help.

What Do You Need Right Now?

From free resources which you can get stuck in to straight away, to monthly memberships, to one to one sessions and events, I am here to support you straight away.

Let’s start making a difference…

The Connective Parenting Hub

The hub is my monthly Membership Group. 

For just £15 a month you get:

  • Access to me whenever you need help through a special Facebook group
  • Access to a library of online resources, which includes the 8 week Foundation course training
  • Access to experts to help you with different aspects of your parenting journey
  • A weekly ‘ask me anything’ session
  • Access to group hypnotherapy sessions 
  • Discounts on all my courses and events.


The Foundation Programme

In this course you will discover how to use Connective Parenting within your family to support you in managing challenging behaviour.

We look at all the different aspects of this approach and you receive individual support throughout the course, both in the group sessions and the individual sessions you receive as part of the course.

The course is run via video conference all so you can attend from anywhere.

This is a course that I can also provide for professional bodies/local authorities for their parents & carers to access.



 The Connective Parenting Conference

My signature and best selling Conference, is run annually online.

Join me and many other guest speakers for a full two days of useful and informative workshops. Designed to help you, the parent/carer, to connect with your children and learn more about the various techniques and tools to help you navigate your way through parenting.

The Conference is for all parents, not just those who are struggling to build connection.  Professionals are also welcome to attend.





Individual Support

You might prefer to have individual support, rather than attend a group course.  

It might be that right now you feel like you’re in crisis and everything is a teeny bit chaotic (and then some), it might be that you simply don’t want to share where others are around, I get it and that’s why I do provide private consultations (which can be done from anywhere in the world ~ you don’t have to make a physical appointment with me and show up at my office).

I work with a number of parents in this way, both in person and virtually using phone or video calls.  If you are eligible for ASF funding, we can arrange that as well.

For more details on how this works and to arrange an initial consultation please click on the link below.

The Connective Family Formula

Next course date coming soon | 5 Week Course | £49 per person

Join Sarah Fisher and Sandra Summers in this five week online group program – The Definitely Guide to Removing Family Chaos And Creating Calm.

Consisting of weekly pre-recorded training and live sessions with Sarah & Sandra, we will be right by your side as you begin to implement what you learn and support you to bring calm back home.


Pick N Mix Mini Workshops

Access my mini-training sessions, called Pick & Mix Sessions, for just £6 per session.  For each of these, you’ll receive a log in to a secure area where you can watch the short training session back as often as you wish with no time restrictions.

Often where parents like to begin their journey with me, these short training sessions start at just £6 each and cover:

  • Boundaries
  • Deferred Conversations
  • Using NVR with adults
  • Tech issues
  • Meltdowns
  • Building Connection
  • And so much more!  I’m am adding to these all the time.

Where do you need help right now?


Ways to get started for free…


Sarah Fisher Talks Connective Parenting weekly podcast.



Head to my library to read your way through my recent articles.


Group Support

Join my free community on Facebook for parents and carers.



Find my FREE guides here to get you started.


Would you prefer individual or group support?

If you’d prefer group support the Connective Parenting Hub is the place for you.  If you’d prefer individual support then I provide that as well.  I often have a waiting list for individual support, but if you are applying for support through the ASF, that may not be an issue.

Are you in crisis?

If you are, the quickest way to get help is through the Connective Parenting Hub.  You can get immediate access to the training and resources available as soon as you sign up.  You can also access the Facebook group for help directly from me. I would also recommend individual support as well – contact me here for individual support.

Looking for more general support?

I would recommend the Connective Parenting Hub It’s a supportive, non-judgemental community of parents and is a great place to learn about this approach and get support in implementing it within your family.  

Are you an organisation looking for support for families?

Please contact me directly HERE to discuss the needs and best way forwards.