Connective Parenting Workshops

Given the unprecedented situation we have found ourselves in, I’ve come together with colleagues to offer a selection of workshops for parents and children.  You’ll find all the details below.

We have pulled together a selection of different workshops, covering a wide variety of topics designed to help you navigate this change to our lives.

You can pick and choose which workshops you want to attend, depending on what you would like to learn about.  Some of the workshops are aimed at children, others are for adults.

All the workshops will take place via video conference, using a system called Zoom which is very easy to use.  When you book you will receive the link for the call.  You can join the workshops from a pc, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Each workshop will free.  We’ve run 3 already and I’ll be adding more workshops over the coming days, so do keep checking back as we add new ones.




Supporting children’s boredom

Once the excitement is over, how do you support children to manage their boredom to develop resilience rather than deterioration?

This workshop will give you strategies to use at home to support children to maintain optimism and good emotional wellbeing.


Your workshop leaders is Nicky Edwards.

Nicky is a therapist who works with both adults and children. 

She works using a variety of therapeutic methods to offer a range of programmes to change your mind-set in the area you need. My sessions are all personalised, interactive and focussed on change. That change can seem daunting at first, but when it starts to unravel it can be addictive! In most of my sessions it is also be QUICK! This can feel surprising, especially when a client has been in counselling or therapy for years and is suddenly free of their symptoms!

The workshop will take place on Wednesday 1st April at 7pm


Immune Supporting Workshop

At this time when we are being bombarded by fear and uncertainty, boosting immunity is at the top of many people’s agenda though as with everything else there is a lot of misinformation kicking around on the internet! This workshop will cover the nutrition and lifestyle essentials for things we can all be focusing on to protect ourselves and our families as best we can in these trying times, allowing time for Q&As at the end.


Your workshop leader is Katy Bradbury.

Katy is a registered nutritional therapist and practising public health nurse specialising in women’s health.

Her mission is to help women at any stage of their mothering or reproductive health journey to grow and maintain their families by feeling healthier, stronger and happier. This is achieved with evidence-based, personalised nutrition and lifestyle therapy delivered with empathy, love and support.

Symptoms she typically works with include low energy, fertility concerns, digestive problems, thyroid issues, poor mental or emotional health, sleep problems, bad skin, unwanted weight gain, aches and pains, hormone imbalances and gynaecological complaints.

More information can be found on her website and social media pages.

The workshop will take place on Thursday 2nd April at 8pm

More workshops coming soon, so do keep an eye out.

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