Individual Family Support

Individual Family Support is available to those parents who would prefer it.

Dependant on the needs of the family, the number of sessions required varies.  Sessions can be booked on a one off basis, or as a series of sessions.

The sessions are based on a coaching approach.

  • Coaching is not therapy, it does not look at the past it focuses on the present and the future.  That being said when using the NVR approach we are always aware of any trauma or difficulties a child may have experienced and we take that into account.  During our sessions we will talk about where you want to get to and how you will get there, using a personalised approach to the NVR framework.  In these sessions most of the talking is done by you, not me.  I believe that you have the answers in you and will help you to find them, whilst teaching you the principles of NVR.
  • Each session you are given action items to support you.  You will be practising ideas and strategies between our sessions and we review how they are working and amend and adapt as appropriate.
  • The sessions are structure to meet the needs of the family, so whilst we will be discussing the different aspects of NVR and how you can implement them, we do it in a way that supports your family.  Every family is different and the structure of the sessions reflects that.
  • All our sessions are confidential.

For those wanting to use the ASF to fund sessions a therapeutic approach is taken.

For further details please contact me directly to discuss your needs.

Sessions are available during the day either in person or via telephone or video call.

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