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Boundaries vs Baskets

  What’s the difference between boundaries and baskets?  It’s a question I was asked recently and has come up before, so here’s an explanation. Baskets are what we use in NVR to help determine and prioritise the behaviours that you are going to focus on and those that you are going to ignore for now.  […]

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Getting the right support

If your child is having trouble with learning, what do you do? Get extra tuition. If you are struggling to get a fitness regime working, what do you do? Sign up with a fitness coach. As functioning adults, we are used to asking for help. And yet, when it comes to dealing with a troubled […]

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Refusing to Give In Strategies

In my last blog post [here] I outlined the fourth pillar of NVR – ‘Refusing to Give in’. This pillar is all about showing your child, in a non-confrontational way, how much you mean business. You are showing them that you love them, but that you will not back down on whatever decision you have […]

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