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Does NVR work with teenagers?

I’m often asked if NVR works with teenagers.  The short answer is yes.  If you’re using it with the desire of building a strong relationship with your child, as opposed to just ‘dealing with the difficult behaviour’ it will work even better.  It is not a magic wand though.  It takes time, persistence and commitment […]

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Communicating with your child

We communicate all the time, with everyone, it’s natural (for most people) and part of our lives. We don’t always think about how we communicate though. It can be very easy to communicate in a way that doesn’t give the intended message, or isn’t helpful to the other person. I’ve spent years as a Senior […]

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Strategies for establishing a good parental presence

Last time I outlined the second pillar of the Non Violent Resistance methodology: ‘Parental Presence’.  Having a strong Parental Presence with your child means that he or she is well connected to you, on an emotional level, even when you aren’t with them. The concept of ‘building up your presence’ with your child might seem […]

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