Some exciting news!

I hope you don’t mind. This time I’m taking a mini-break from my usual blog content. There’s a really good reason for this change to the viewing schedule: I’m really struggling to concentrate on writing something along ‘normal’ lines because there is something SO exciting happened yesterday!   I’m sure, by now, you’ve realised that the […]

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Getting the right support

If your child is having trouble with learning, what do you do? Get extra tuition. If you are struggling to get a fitness regime working, what do you do? Sign up with a fitness coach. As functioning adults, we are used to asking for help. And yet, when it comes to dealing with a troubled […]

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Refusing to Give In Strategies

In my last blog post [here] I outlined the fourth pillar of NVR – ‘Refusing to Give in’. This pillar is all about showing your child, in a non-confrontational way, how much you mean business. You are showing them that you love them, but that you will not back down on whatever decision you have […]

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Refusing to Give In

The 4th pillar of Non-Violent Resistance is ‘Refusing to Give-In’. And here you can really see how Ghandi used NVR effectively in India as ‘refusing to give-in’ was his mantra, despite all the aggression that he faced and throughout the violence that he experienced. So, take a leaf out of Ghandi’s book and apply this to […]

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Reconciliation Ideas

Last time on the blog I wrote about the power of reconciliation gestures (click here to read), how to use them and the positive effect they can have on your relationship with your child. To recap, the term ‘reconciliation gestures’ refers to the actions we use to show a child (or anyone) your unconditional love […]

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Reconciliation Gestures

Although it takes quite a mindset shift to adapt to NVR (click here for an explanation) most of the teaching is quite straightforward. One area where I find my coaching clients, or those who come along to a workshop get stuck is around the concept of ‘reconciliation gestures’. Reconciliation gestures refer to any way that you […]

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Strategies for establishing a good parental presence

Last time I outlined the second pillar of the Non Violent Resistance methodology: ‘Parental Presence’.  Having a strong Parental Presence with your child means that he or she is well connected to you, on an emotional level, even when you aren’t with them. The concept of ‘building up your presence’ with your child might seem […]

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Parental Presence

This second pillar of Non-Violent Resistance is Parental Presence.  The theory behind this pillar is to ramp up the bonded feeling between you and your child. If you are feeling helpless in your role as a parent, and as though your desires and wishes have no impact on your child whatsoever, it could be because […]

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5 Steps to putting de-escalation into practice

De-escalation is the first pillar of the Non-violent Resistance method. This method is what I recommend to parents dealing with a child who is showing how hurt he is inside through challenging behaviour. De-escalation is the tool to use when you want to shut down a power struggle and allow normal communication to resume with […]

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