Does NVR work with teenagers?

I’m often asked if NVR works with teenagers.  The short answer is yes.  If you’re using it with the desire of building a strong relationship with your child, as opposed to just ‘dealing with the difficult behaviour’ it will work even better.  It is not a magic wand though.  It takes time, persistence and commitment […]

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Book Review – Am I supposed to feel this way?

    The book is written for birth children to help them understand the feelings they have when adopting a younger sibling. It’s easy to read, child friendly and designed for them to draw and write in. My son said that it looked good – high praise from him! It’s written from the eyes of […]

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Boundaries vs Baskets

  What’s the difference between boundaries and baskets?  It’s a question I was asked recently and has come up before, so here’s an explanation. Baskets are what we use in NVR to help determine and prioritise the behaviours that you are going to focus on and those that you are going to ignore for now.  […]

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Communicating with your child

We communicate all the time, with everyone, it’s natural (for most people) and part of our lives. We don’t always think about how we communicate though. It can be very easy to communicate in a way that doesn’t give the intended message, or isn’t helpful to the other person. I’ve spent years as a Senior […]

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Trigger Happy!

As a parent you probably spend a lot of time trying to work out what might be the cause of negative behaviour, anger or sadness in your child. And, the NVR training gives us a framework for proactively looking for ‘triggers’ that might cause a meltdown. You might be so busy with this that your brain […]

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How to keep everyone happy

If you were to poll mums and dads about what they really want for their family – besides an all-inclusive trip to Barbados – I imagine the top answer would be: I just want everyone to be happy. By everyone, I mean the whole family. I’m sure they don’t care about Boris Johnson’s overall happiness. […]

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