I’m focusing on helping us get through this mad crazy world we are currently living in. I know there’s a lot of uncertainty about what is going to happen, when it’s going to happen and I know it’s really worrying. It’s going to be ok, we’re going to have a plan and we’re going to get through this. I’m here to help. I’ll be here for you the whole time and I’m going to keep sharing my tips. 

Have a plan 

I know there’s a lot of concern about what will happen when the school’s shut down. I feel we need to think about it in a different way. Instead of panicking about our children being at home for ages (which was my initial reaction too), focus on what it’s actually going to be like. Our children are at home for a long time during the summer holidays. Think of it as an extended school holiday. What would you normally do? How would you normally manage a school holiday? I know the difference might be we aren’t allowed out of our houses during this time which is a bit of a pain! 

Firstly, you’d usually have a schedule in place so put a schedule together and have it on the wall. Start making sure you have the things you need in the house. If your child’s really into arts and crafts, have you got supplies in? Have you got baking ingredients in the house? Is it worth getting a Netflix subscription so you have plenty of things to watch? You might not be able to go out to the park (worst case scenario) but you can still play out in your garden. Concentrate on the things that are normal and that you’d usually do during the holidays.  

Start planning and thinking about the steps you are going to take now. Grab a bit of paper and write down some ideas. If the worst happens and the schools are shut for a while you will already have a plan. 

Be flexible  

You might decide to be more flexible on how much tech time your child is allowed, it’s your choice. If you have older children talk to them about tech time, discuss how they are going to keep in contact with their friends. If they are tech savvy and are always on their phones that might be the only way they can communicate with the outside world. Inject some fun – have a picnic on a blanket in the living room instead of normal lunch or dinner times.   

Try to take the fear out of this situation and think of it from a practical standpoint. If we have to be at home for an extended period what will you do to get through and keep yourself sane? For me, there’s definitely going to be some chocolate involved. There will be X-box time involved for my son. We’ll have a plan on the wall. Know it’s going to be ok and try to take the worry out of it. I’m a big believer in journaling, using EFT and techniques to manage stress. If you’re in the Connective Parenting Hub you have access to my Hynoptherapy recordings (I’m putting a new one in this week aimed at this situation). 


Connective parenting is all about how we connect with our children whatever is happening. None of us can hide the fact that there is a pandemic going on, that’s a part of life at the moment and we need to be here to support one another.  

My free Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/connectiveparentingusingNVR/ is here for you if you need support. When I set it up it was about teaching NVR and my approach to connective parenting. It’s still about that, but part of that is helping and supporting parents through all situations, including what’s happening now. We have a non-judgemental environment and ethos within the group. Use my group for support, share ideas, ask for help – everyone in the group is there to help. 

You can also join my membership group www.sarahpfisher.com/connectiveparentinghub.

I will be in the free group and the Hub sharing more tips/ideas to help keep you going and support you through this time.