I’ve made a commitment to myself to be consistent this year in all areas of my life. For example, consistently look after myself. As a parent, we can often ‘forget’ to look after ourselves.  We spend all our time focusing on our family, friends, work colleagues and everyone else that we forget to focus on ourselves sometimes.   

Self Care is a necessity, not a luxury, especially for parents. If you’re not looking after yourself you’ll get to the point of exhaustion where it’s harder to look after your children. Do something every day to top up your tank. Spend a few moments focused on your breathing, cross something off your do to list, use your favourite shower gel (rather than saving it for a special occasion). All these small things are self care.  

Ways to look after yourself

Take a few minutes now, close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly, in and out 5 times.  A small act like this is the start of your journey.  It’s something that you can do every day, multiple times if you want to.  You will be surprised how a seemingly small act can make such a difference.  

Self care doesn’t need to be about spending time alone.  For some chatting and laughing with a friend is a great stress release, or dancing round the kitchen listening to music, having fun with your family.  All of these things help to release any stress we are holding and allow our bodies to recalibrate.    

Here are some ideas for looking after yourself, mentally, physically and emotionally:  

  • Journaling  
  • Being outside, especially in the countryside or at the beach  
  • Mindfulness  
  • Meditation – there are lots of free apps you can use to help  
  • EFT or tapping  
  • A spa day  
  • Coffee with a friend  
  • Fun with the family  
  • Counselling  
  • Volunteering  
  • A job you enjoy   

Self care is different for all of us. We all need different things and often need different things at different times. The important thing is that you do something for you that tops up your calm tank. It is about finding what will work for you and then doing it.  Put it in your diary and stick to it.  Don’t set goals that are impossible to meet, baby steps are great. When we are calmer we react differently to situations.  It is easier to stay calm in confrontational situations and we are less likely to overreact. I’m passionate about self care, know that you are important enough to take the time to look after yourself.


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