1 Day Connective Parenting Workshop

Introducing the principles of NVR and getting you started on the road to transforming your family life.

Are you struggling with your child’s behaviour?

Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells all the time?

Is it time to start changing things and create the family life you want?

The Connective Family Formula now replaces this introduction day for Parents and Carers

This is an interactive day that you’ll leave with a new toolkit of ideas and strategies you can start to use straight away.  We’ll have plenty of time to discuss your families needs as well, so it’s not just a generic set of tools, but ones we adapt specifically for your family. 

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For Organisations Looking To Book a 1 Day introduction Session for their families and professionals

Connective Parenting uses the Non-Violent Resistance approach, which rebuilds the parent-child relationship through de-escalation, acceptance and reconciliation to allow the child’s needs to be met through the love and care of the parent or carer.  The approach can be used by any parent or carer and it can also be used by staff in schools to build strong relationships with pupils.

The day looks at this child-focused approach to parenting children who are anxious and may present an angry and aggressive response to those who care for them. Children can have unmet needs which they often cannot express, and this approach looks at meeting those needs whilst also supporting the parents.

By the end of the day you will have:

  • An understanding of Non-Violent Resistance and how it can help you
  • Some strategies to start using straight away
  • An understanding of how to prioritise your concerns
  • An understanding of your own feelings

The day is designed for parents and professionals who want to learn about the different aspects of NVR.  Parents will leave with ideas they can start to implement straight away.    

‘the course was fab!  I came away with a few key ideas and the basket exercise was particularly useful’


‘The content was spot on for us and we could start using it straight away. Sympathetically delivered from an understanding of the real issues we encounter in our families.’


‘Delivered in a friendly, easy to understand and non-judgemental way.’



  • Does this approach really work?
    • The short answer is yes.  It’s not always easy for parents, or a magic wand, but over time parents who persist see a reduction in the difficult behaviours they may be experiencing from their children
  • Does this approach work with all children?
    • It is particularly good for those who have experienced trauma, or have additional needs as it supports emotional development
  • The cost of the course is not refundable unless your ticket can be resold, or the event is cancelled by the organiser


    If you would like a workshop specifically for your organisation, please contact me via enquiries@sarahpfisher.com or call 07817 544707.

    Workshops can be for parents and / or professionals