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If you’re a parent or carer and looking for help you’re in the right place.  Together we can move you from struggling to thriving and enjoying family life.
If you’re a professional wanting to know about NVR, I can help with that to.

It’s lovely to have you here and I’m guessing that you’ve made your way here because you’d like some help and support when it comes to NVR (a parenting approach named “non violent resistance”)

I get it…

This parenting lark can be pretty relentless can’t it! 

Has there ever been a mum or dad who hasn’t at some point felt like getting in the car and driving away?  Luckily for our children, most of us don’t do that.

If you are struggling with parenting you may feel as though you are out of options.  Nothing you try improves your child’s behaviour.  You question your decisions and struggle to stay consistent.  Your child spots a chink in your confidence armour and steps up the bad behaviour.

Your son or daughter could be one or all of the following:

  • Defiant, refusing to comply with even the simplest request.
  • Anxious, worried, upset about being with new people, attending school, experiencing new things, or trying unfamiliar foods.
  • A terrible sleeper.
  • Fractious and over-emotional, prone to meltdowns.
  • Struggling to deal with the experience of a trauma.

You must be overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.  Unless you are relying heavily on an awesome support network I expect you also feel isolated, tired of the battles and envious of other parents who appear to sail in and out of every parenting situation with ease.

So, let’s see how I can help…



What Is NVR?

You might have heard of it, you might know a bit or you may have never ever heard anything about these three letters before ~ whichever you fall into don’t worry.  I want to let you know much more about it and how this approach may just change EVERYTHING for you. 

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Read Some Articles

There’s lots and lots of articles that I have written that dive into different elements of parenting and the NVR approach.  You’ll find a welath of advice as well as strategies that you can implement right away within the pages that follow ~ from super specific stuff to more general approaches – it’s covered

So Who Am I? 

You’ve got this far down the front page of the website and perhaps you are wondering ~ who is even talking to me here??! 

I’m Sarah Fisher, adoptive mum of 1 and NVR & Connective Parenting Specialist based in the United Kingdom.  

I’m a coach, teacher and an author.  I am an experienced NVR UK accredited Practitioner and Educator and a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner.

I work with both parents and professionals to support them to navigate the world of parenting and to learn an approach that will change everything.  

I’m a single adoptive mum, passionate about helping other families experiencing difficulties.

I adopted a gorgeous little boy and together we have been on a journey of discovery.  It hasn’t been an easy road, more a roller coaster, but I’m so glad I chose to adopt and I wouldn’t turn the clock back for anything.

During my journey I’ve learnt to support my son with his anxiety and have stopped some of his unacceptable behaviours.  These weren’t because he is a naughty or horrible child because he’s not, but he was very distressed, due to past trauma, and anxious and didn’t know how to show his emotions. Through the use of Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) we have changed our family around and my son is now more confident and understands how to appropriately express his emotions.  It hasn’t been an easy or smooth road, but we’ve come through it and I’m passionate about helping other families do the same.

Working from home with kids

I know lots of you are finding out about the joys of working from home when you have kids. I have been working predominantly from home for a few years now. Term times are ok, I’ve got a good routine going and it’s fine. Holidays and let’s be honest that can apply to...

Don’t try to be Superwoman or Superman

How are you finding everything? I imagine some parents are happy that the stress of school is over for a bit, even if you are trying to home school. Others are probably starting to tear their hair out.   We’ve had ups and downs! I’m trying to lower my...

It’s going to be ok

I’m focusing on helping us get through this mad crazy world we are currently living in. I know there’s a lot of uncertainty about what is going to happen, when it’s going to happen and I know it’s really worrying. It’s going to be ok, we’re going to have a plan and...

Managing transitions

Managing transitions comes up a lot when I’m talking to parents. It can be a key part of de-escalation. Often we are trying to manage an escalatory situation which could be classed as a transition.   Transitions cover a broad range. Everything from asking your child...

You can turn a bad day around

How do you handle a day that starts off badly? Our mindset can have a huge impact on how our day goes. One recent morning started as usual, but my son was just grumpy. I had to remind him about a piece of homework he still needed to do and then he didn’t like my...

Asking for help is a strength

Having people around you to help and support you is really important.  The saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is very true. Don't stay silent when you're struggling. Ask for help. It's not a weakness to need help and support. It's a strength to know you...

To consequence or not to consequence?

This is a subject that always creates a lot of debate and questions. Should you impose consequences? Do they work? What's a natural consequence? Aren't natural consequences just letting my child get away with it? There isn't a natural consequence for this behaviour?...

Gestures will help build your connection

Use little gestures to show your children you love them. They are a great way of connecting and are easier to accept sometimes than words.  Often referred to as Reconciliation Gestures these are one of the key aspects of NVR. Increasingly I’ve been using the term...

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The Hub is the place where parents and carers can get all the advice, tips, strategy and support that they need in order to navigate parenting.  There’s a wealth of training videos, courses and resources available for you 24/7 as well as an active and nourishing community so you’re never alone AND, I am there too ~ to help you to navigate the problems that are specific to you.  Take a click on the little image just above to find out more. 

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