1 day Introduction to NVR


This 1 day course looks at the Non Violent Resistance approach to parenting children who may present an angry and aggressive response to those who care for them. Children can have unmet needs which they often cannot express, and this approach looks at meeting those needs whilst also supporting the parents.

This child focused approach helps parents to rebuild the parent-child relationship through de-escalation, acceptance and reconciliation.  It allows the child’s needs to be met through the love and care of the parent or carer.  The approach can be used by any parent or carer.  It can also be used by staff in schools to build strong relationships with pupils.

By the end of the day you will have:

  • An understanding of Non-Violent Resistance and how it can help you
  • Some strategies to start using straight away
  • An understanding of how to prioritise your concerns
  • An understanding of your own feelings
  • moved from a feeling of hopelessness and frustration to hopefulness


Here’s some of the feedback from the last course:

there were lots of very practical ideas and it was all very relevant


the course was fab!  I came away with a few key ideas and the basket exercise was particularly useful


I found Sarah’s input on NVR both informative and practical. Sarah presented the course as a parent to parents and it was very powerful to hear examples of how NVR really works at home and in school. The day was also fun and engaging and we laughed a lot- this was one of the best training courses I have been to in a long time!





If you would like further information you can email enquiries@sarahpfisher.com or call 07817 544707

I also run courses for schools and charities who work with families.  For more information please contact me via enquiries@sarahpfisher.com or call 07817 544707.