Foundation course

Are you finding life at home difficult?

Do you feel like your children are in control?

Would you like to start taking back control, and bring some peace to your home?


During this 8 week course we will look at all aspects of NVR and how you can use it to change the relationship you have with your children and bring more peace and harmony to your home.  You will find out how to:

manage meltdowns

develop a positive bond with your child

prioritise your concerns

use supporters


You will get personalised support and help during the course and it will be led by 2 practitioners.


The group course provides you with support in a variety of ways, for example by:

  • Peer support from other parents in similar situations during course discussions
  • Providing training from an adoptive parent who has practical and personal experience dealing with aggressive behaviours and has come out the other side
  • Active participation during the course, in which you can test different ideas as the course progresses
  • Individual support, as necessary, from the course leader via email, twitter or text during the course
  • Monthly drop in sessions after completing the course.  The first 3 are included in the cost, after that they are £6 per session.
  • Free access to an NVR parent support Facebook group



  • Do I need to have completed the Introductory course to attend this one?
    • No.  If you want to have a conversation first to make sure this is the right course for you, click here and book a free call and we can discuss it.
  • Is there a guarantee that this course will solve all our problems
    • No.  NVR is not a magic wand unfortunately.  It takes time, consistency and effort.  For those parents that do use NVR consistently they do see positive changes.
  • Will the Adoption Support Fund pay for this course?
    • Yes, this is a course they will fund.
  • Does NVR work with other therapies?
    • Yes, it works with lots of other approaches.  For example PACE, is a great way of helping you build parental presence.
  • Is there support outside of the group calls?
    • yes, the course also gives you access to a private facebook group where you can get support from other parents who are using NVR.  The group is run by Sarah and is a closed group, so only those in the group can see the posts.
    • you can also get limited support from the facilitators via email or text during the course
  • I’m concerned about our security and confidentiality.
    • As a fellow adopter I totally understand that.  You are not required to use your real name on the call and your details will not be shared with anyone.  Everything discussed on the calls is confidential.


Have a question that isn’t answered here?  Then please contact me and ask away.


How do I join the calls?

All you will need is:

  • internet access
  • a computer / laptop / smartphone / tablet
  • headphones (not essential)  they help to improve the sound quality

Each week you will be sent the link to the call.  All you have to do is click on the link at the start of the call.  The calls will take place once a week for 8 week and will last 1.5 hours each.



Course Times

The course starts on Wednesday 17th January at 8.15pm.  

There will be no call on Wednesday 14th February.  The course will run for the 4 weeks up to half term, then the 4 weeks after half term.




Course Costs

The course costs £425 per family and is eligible for ASF funding.  If you are self funding book your place by clicking here.  Payment plans are also available for self funding families, please contact me for details

If your LA are funding the course, please ask them to contact me directly either via email or phone 07817 544707.


NVR is not a magic wand and there is no guarantee that you will see changes as a result of the course.